Hope Town Music And Rum Festival 2023

February 7th – 12th, 2023 will mark a decade of Hope Town hosting a well-attended singer-songwriter music festival. First a hurricane hit, and a pandemic choked off what tourism revenue the storm didn’t flatten.
Eager to display the resilience of Hope Town, organizers are not only launching a new, expanded music festival, they’ve added RUM.

HOPE TOWN MUSIC AND RUM FESTIVAL will be held February 7– 12, 2023. The festival will feature a roster of musicians to be revealed soon and rum tastings at the concerts. Rum sponsors will also be announced in the near future.

Over 1,000 attendees are expected to collect in Hope Town venues listening, tasting rum and feeling down-home in their souls. Classic resorts like the Firefly Sunset Resort, Hope Town Inn and Marina, the Abaco Inn, On the Beach and Sea Spray Resort will host events.
Visitors to the festival will enjoy intimate beachfront concerts by talented musicians, as well as tastings from local and international rum distillers.
Building on a decade of concerts, the Hope Town Music and Rum Festival is meant to celebrate the resolute heart of Hope Town and its people, who have emerged from hardship ready to renew the hospitality and warm welcomes that the island is famous for. Most of the island’s accommodations are already sold-out during festival week.
In 2019, the Abacos, long a low-key island resort and fishing community, were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Extraordinary efforts by many organizations and local community saw the islands stagger back to their feet only to be hit with the coronavirus pandemic that stopped precious tourism revenue.
Finally, after three years, the Abacos are emerging again, with strong investment from the resort development sector and the flow of revenue from visitors once again picking up. The Hope Town Music and Rum Festival will dedicate a portion of profits to continued efforts to restore Hope Town.
The Abacos are a collection of cays in The North West Bahamas. With the depths of the Atlantic Ocean off one coast and the shallow Sea of Abaco off the other, the Abacos offer a unique fishing, sailing, boating, snorkeling and diving opportunities. Surfing and beachcombing can also fill time between shows for festival attendees. Local artists and boatbuilders offer cultural attractions, and Caribbean cuisine is offered throughout the cays.
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