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Hope Town Music And Rum Festival

New Name – New schedule! @hopetownsongwritersfestival
And we're off! Let the celebration begin!
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How it all started...

The inside joke in the Lammond’s family is, “Home away from home is Hope Town”.

The Lammond’s relationship and journey with Hope Town began in 1980s, when Rebecca (a Registered Hospice Nurse) and Phillip (a Professional Song Writer with Curb Records) first visited Carissa cottage, on a secret tip from a friend. Phillip said, “when we first stepped on the lower dock, smell of hibiscus, cracked conch and Vernons banana bread took over. We felt our pace slow down and Let Hope Town put her arms around us.” 

They were hooked immediately and soon after purchased Honeymoon Villa along the high road which became their home base for countless family memories and milestones. “Our children were running wide-open, sun up to sun down,” Rebecca said. “They were always busy. Swimming, snorkeling ,conking, and sailing, or off to vacation bible school under the Library Tree in town. And whenever they stepped out of bounds, The Locals were the first to pitch in and remind them of their island obligations.” Now adults, Cooper and Martha Grace Lammonds cherish these memories, and the peaceful but firm influence they received from so many Elbow Cay residents as kids.

For over three decades, Rebecca, Phillip, and their two children have been stalwart citizens, committed activists, stewards and defenders of Hope Town, “the most beautiful and gracious island in the world”. The Hope Town Rum Festival is excited to invite Phillip and family to share their love for this beautiful island. In a series of intimate evenings the family, along with some of the world’s greatest songwriters and performers, will celebrate Hope Town, the island that has given them so much.

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come join the fun

Over 1,000 attendees are expected to collect in Hope Town venues listening, tasting rum and feeling down- home in their souls.

Classic resorts like the Firefly Sunset Resort, Hope Town Inn and Marina, the Abaco Inn, On the Beach and Sea Spray Resort will host events.